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6000 MG OIL

Our USA PREMIUM CBD 6,000 mg oil is the strongest CBD oil in a 60 ml, 2oz tincture on the market. 6,000 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil extract provides a powerful and we believe effective CBD product for those looking to achieve maxium benefit. For people who find 500mg and 100mg oils effective, we sell them. For folks on the go who need a 10mg boost, our CBD mints are a great option. For those who want a full strength premium supreme strength, our 6000mg is a perfect option. We have formulated  this premium quality CBD with the focus on producing the finest high-potency CBD oil on the market.   


The full-specturm formulation ensures you receive the natural cannabinoids. CBD advocates say that full spectrum can create a powerful CBD treatment that surpasses so-called CBD isolate products. This is where the entourage effect comes into play. Gathered together, as a whole plant filled with a wide array of cannabinoids, users can avail themselves of a full menu of cannabinoid compounds. As with all out product are recommend that all consumers check with their doctor or healthcare professionals as to whether the 6000mg is right for you.

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